SHIFTBOX attends some of the most popular car shows in the east coast. We offer our past boxes at a discounted rate when ever you see us at a show! Stop by the booth, grab some merchandise and say hi to our lovely models! Here you will find shows we've attended and plan to attend! Don't miss the next event! 


Elite Tuner AWD Fest Philadelphia, PA [April 9,2017]

Firehouse Frenzy Parsnipany, NJ [April 29,2017]

Dip One Coatings New Jersey [May 20,2017]

Clean Culture New Jersey Season Opener, NJ [May 27,2017]

Cars & Coasters Six Flags New Jersey - Elite Tuner/Formative Fitment - NJ [June 4,2017]

Slammedneuff New Jersey - [June 11,2017]

ECA Takeover Part.2 ,CT [June 17,2017]

Clean Culture New York Edition [ August 27, 2017 ]