You have a product and we have a box!

We at shiftbox are always looking for the next best product to put in our box. That doesn't mean we throw just about anything in there. Our potential products of the month go through a few days of testing way before we even consider introducing these products to our customers. We make sure that said products live up to the hype that way you as a shiftbox subscriber are not stuck with a unuseful product. We work side by side with companies in order to cross promote our goods. Now you might be wondering why should i submit my products to shiftbox? Well because we offer a automotive targeted audience for your automotive targeted product. We help companies expand their audience to potentially target loyal customers to said business. If you are a automotive company and you would like to see your product in shiftbox please send us a email at [ ] . Please include a photo of the product and a small description of who you are as a company and what your product has to offer.